Spaceframe Lounger

This lounger is an amalgamation of classics. Based on updated geometries of the Corbusier chaise, using a unique bamboo laminate surface and an uber efficient, stainless steel, spaceframe structure this lounger looks at home anywhere from the deck of your super yacht to your psychiatrist’s office.

Close-up of the head of the Spaceframe lounger, a look at the head cushion, balanced at the top of the lounger with the clever use of a metal pole, that weighs a lot. The cow cushion looks also looks very luxurious...

“Who do you love (I wanna lounge with you)”

A very classy shot of the Spaceframe lounger, showing off the cushions and the criss-crossing lines of the metal spaceframe

Classy Comfort

As a designer obsessed by efficiency, spaceframes fascinate me. Building this commission was a geometric challenge, making the optimum, superlight, almost invisible, floating chassis for an indoor/outdoor lounger.

The surfaces are a unique bamboo laminate , fit for all weathers.
I particularly like the counterweight designed on to the head cushion to allow adjustability.

The beautiful metal pole... sorry counterweight.


Made in our studio by us. Lead time 4-6 weeks.