Ribbon Stool

“When I sit on a plane doing nothing but thinking, I get a lot of ideas. Whilst flying back from Japan I was reading an article on charity products when the idea of the ribbon stool came to me. It occurred to me that the actual shape of the ribbon, used everywhere by so many charities, is immediately recognisable. I decided then that I would just turn it into a modern little stool that can be used in many different applications.”

A close-up of a very pink Ribbon stool

“A ribbon in the sky for our love “

A very shiny chrome Ribbon stool

Sculptural Furniture

This high quality piece is made in England from sand cast and hand polished pure aluminum using local processes and sustainable craftsmanship. The result is a stunning work of art that can be used as a sculpture or as a piece of furniture.

A white Ribbon stool hanging in mid-air


PricePrice: £1500 , limited edition of 100 (specifier discount available)
Dimensions49cm high x 40cm wide x 30cm deep
Materials Artisanal sand cast, hand polished aluminium.
CareClean with a soft cloth.
Made in England. Lead time 6-8 weeks.