Hoff, a modern garden cabin that blends revolutionary Bauhaus architecture with the spirit of Star Wars to create an angular, architectural garden room that is fully customisable, sustainable and sophisticated. A collaborative effort between RawStudio and OEP Building Services, Hoff blends the best of British design and manufacturing to create a unique and affordable way to revolutionise any garden space.

Hoff stands out with a bold, angular design and extensive use of natural light, echoing Bauhaus principles of functional beauty

Each unit is designed to be a ‘third space’ that can be tailored for multiple purposes – be it a serene office, a private sauna, a dynamic bike training studio, or simply a tranquil retreat from everyday bustle.

The Hoff’s modular system invites consumers to imagine their ideal garden retreat

Offering options from materials and colours to large panel windows, sliding doors, and even fold-down decking. Customised Hoff units are produced in OEP’s Lancashire-based factory before arriving fully finished, ready to be installed into any location for immediate use.


Created entirely from sustainable timber, Hoff also deploys right-to-repair methods throughout, with completely replaceable and repairable parts to extend its lifespan and minimise the use of synthetic materials.


Made in the OEP Factory