Contour Shelf

Undoubtedly the most boring object in furniture is The Shelf:
A flat thing to hold random tat off the floor.

A pair of natural wood coloured contour shelves holding nothing but the air above them, with a framed print hung above them on a grey wall.

“more curves than a Monte Carlo racetrack…”

A pair of white countour shelves affixed to a white wall, holding a small potted plant and some books.

A shelf, A countour shelf

Many people go and get a Billy from the Swedes ‘cos the many shelves look like that anyway.

Dieter Rams nailed it back in the day designing the system still made by Vitsoe today, but still it’s a bit boring if you’re not a huge fan of the FFF Bauhaus-y style.

I went a bit postmodern with the contour shelf. A shelf design that’s interesting enough to display on a wall without putting any stuff on it, for a change.


Made in our studio by us. Lead time 4-6 weeks.