Carbon Chair

When the tide leaves London, spiky black forms emerge all over the river bed, remnants of old landings and docks of the past. The pitched, weathered & burnt textures created over decades and longer give the river its soul.

A close-up of the burnt and bent timbers of the Carbon Chair, you can also see the cowskin cushion

“I swear to you, sitting a throne is a thousand times harder than winning one”

The Carbon chair is essentially a unique piece of design art.

If you want the in on the background conversation, here we go…

I had the piece in mind for the home of a client with a tidal river view. I live close to the river and love going down on the medieval beach when the tide is out. There are pitched black posts here and there , remnants of the past life of the capital, long before it became the sterilised, zone1 theme park that it is these days. I wanted to create a piece that would look like it was washed up and somehere in between an organic fossilised lifeform and Elizabethan shipwreck.

I’d been working on some other furniture pieces a while ago , built my own steam bending chamber in my attempt ot understand that ancient skill (I’d recommend any one else to try that . it’s mindblowing how you can briefly plasticise a solid piece of oak).
So the steam bent pieces were still in the workshop , hung in the rafters , each one slightly different in curvature as befitting my novice bending skills. I knew one day they would become useful, and here they were the ideal ribs.

They were fresh sanded pale wood, way too fresh. So I burnt them. It’s a technique used in Japan to protect wood , used on the cladding of houses it seals and protects the wood and keeps bugs out.

To add to the story, It was a ritual burning. The first Hive chair I ever made , back in 2001 had been hanging in my folks’ back garden year round ever since and the northern weather finally had taken its toll. a couple of the ribs had split and it was covered in lichen. So this was fuel for the fire , the ribs of the new Carbon chair created from its ashes, completing the circle nicely.

I sed bent steel for the legs and main structure in the fashion that ancient relics are helped out with technology. I remember being amazed by the Viking longboat in the British museum a few years ago, being of solid VIking stock myself (apparently) , amazed like i was seeing the blue whale in the Natural hIstory museum when I was a 5 year old whippersnapper.

So that’s the epic tale of this chair. To me it totally makes sense but I’m happy if you just like the look of it.

Lounge in the Carbon Chair

Sit majestically in Carbon Throne?

The dark and crispy Carbon chair contrasts strongly against a light background


Made in our studio by us. Lead time 4-6 weeks.