Circa Table Lamp

Circles, leds, aluminium and some ingenious calculations to make sure it doesn’t fall over makes this the most unique table lamp you could ever hope to have!


A table, with the Circa table lamp on it, lighting the table and a red notebook with a pen on top... because you need to work if you're on a table, with a lamp

“…don’t look at the light.
I can’t help it, it’s so beautiful… arrgghhh”

Circa as a table lamp?

I was working out how to do a lamp version of the Circa chair. It would have looked rubbish is it was just a flipped over mini chair with a bulb wanged in the middle… so I didn’t do that.

It was 2005 and there were these new led strip things so I started experimenting with them… this lamp and its pendant form were the result. Super cool in a millennial way, the Circa Table Lamp.


Made in our studio by us. Lead time 4-6 weeks.