Biggie Bench

The Biggie Bench, with its architectural lines and contoured surfaces, is made from the highest grade Baltic Birch plywood and finished with natural Osmo oil.

The Biggie Bench design combines practical simplicity with ergonomic comfort, a strong, light and sculptural piece of furniture for homes and interior spaces.

This bench is part of a collection which includes the Tupac Chair and the Diddy Stool.

Biggie: Contoured Simplicity

Close-up of the cut edges and joins of the Biggie slot chair bench

“Dead right, if the head right, Biggie there e’ry night” -Biggie Smalls

The Biggie chair bench looks beautiful in it's natural wood colour.

The story behind the collection

“After working on a project designing seating for schools, I challenged myself to create a series of seating for rawstudio that would be simple to produce, ergonomically sound and sculptural in feel.

Basically, this is my version of ‘flat pack’! Most flat pack furniture exists in one dimension, three flat planes, giving you some form of an 8bit box which I found really low tech and basic. The seating in this range explores the other dimension, with ergonomic shaping from the cut edges.

We’ve produced this collection since 2007 and it has become a favourite with architects.”

-Nick Rawcliffe


Pricestarting at £1750
Materials baltic birch laminate with Osmo oil natural finish. custom finishes and colours are available
Installationtap in , knock down, simple assembly
Carezero maintenance requirement if used indoors, periodical re-oiling as required if subject to weathering
Made in our studio by us. Lead time 6-8 weeks.